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Toy Sourcing: The Next 10 Years - Changes, Challenges & Opportunities

Toy Sourcing has become a fairly straightforward process over the last couple of decades with a number of factories in China becoming the core suppliers to most toy companies. In many ways it would be a much simpler world if things stayed as they were with China remaining the dominant hub with strong efficiency, capacity and capability. Alas things are changing, with major stock market toy companies like Hasbro & Spin Master announcing to the markets that they are now sourcing c. 50% of their production from outside China in places such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia & some other countries.

A couple of years back we released a video looking at the changing situation in China & the world beyond. You can check out that video here:

Recently the Toy Association asked us to relook at the topic of Toy Sourcing & how the next 10 years could pan out from here a few years on from the last time we looked at this topic. This snappily titled White Paper can be downloaded here:

If you have any issues downloading the White Paper, please message me & I will share with you. The White Paper covers the following topics:

  1. Where we’ve come from – China & access to abundant cheap labor.

  2. Challenge with Sourcing in China today – worker shortage, high labor costs & other risks

  3. Alternative Sourcing Hubs: Realities, Potential, Risks & Opportunities.

  4. Moving From A Primary Toy Manufacturing Hub To A Multi-Hub Situation

  5. Is Nearshoring The Big Solution We Are Looking For?

  6. Toy Manufacturing In The Long Term

If you’re interested in the topic of Toy Sourcing, you may find our last Linked In Newsletter #9 interesting: IS INDIA THE ‘NEXT CHINA’ FOR TOY MANUFACTURING? In this newsletter we take a closer look at the Toy Manufacturing sector in India and profile India's leading Toy Factory group - MICRO PLASTICS PVT LTD

If you want to read previous editions of this Linked In Newsletter, you can access here:


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