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Z Is For Zuru, Zapf Creations & Ziv – Toy Industry A To Z

Z Is For Zuru, Zapf Creations & Ziv – Toy Industry A To Z


Zuru co-founders Nick and Mat Mowbray started the company back in 2003, before being joined by their sister Anna. The company has since enjoyed hits including Robofish, Bunch o Ballons and X-Shot. The siblings recently purchased the most expensive house in New Zealand, their home country. By the end of 2020, Zuru employed 8500 people, had 26 offices and revenues of over $1billion.


Zapf Creations is a long standing and world-renowned toy doll company. Founded way back in 1934 in Rodental in Germany, the best-known products are Baby Born, Baby Annabell and Chou Chou. Baby Born has been in market for 30 years and was ground breaking at the time of launch for the lifelike look and functionality of the product with crying, urinating and eye action all part of a winning formula.


Sy Ziv was a driving force for Toys R Us for 26 years between 1958 and 1985. He was involved in the development of the TRU format, and domestic and international expansion.

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