07 November 2019 ~ 0 Comments

5 Must Haves For Toy Factories

Toy manufacturing is a critical part of what we do in the toy business, but because it is boring compared to new product development or less glamorous than glitzy awards and agency lunches, many toy companies fail to pay manufacturing enough attention. We came up with 5 must haves for any toy factory your company […]

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07 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

The Future Of Toys – Part 4, Toy Manufacturing Evolution

In the final part of our series looking at ‘The Future Of Toys’, we move onto the potentially dull, but nevertheless essential topic of manufacturing. There are a number of disruptive factors/trends relating to toy manufacturing whiich are discussed below: FACTORS DISRUPTING TOY MANUFACTURING China’s Rapidly Advancing Economy – toy business old timers can tell […]

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