Why The Board Games Category Is Booming During Pandemic Lockdown


One of the most notable and most positive of the difficult circumstances humankind is in right now is the surge in board games sales across the world. As families hunker down to get through the lockdown they have clearly been looking for productive ways to pass the time and to have fun together.

For sure, on demand video consumption has soared as inevitably both kids and parents binge on watching video content while stuck at home. But they have also been buying and presumably playing more board games.

Playing board games delivers so many positive benefits. They teach children to take turns, count, think, negotiate, compete and communicate. They also help adults interact with other people by stimulating and facilitating a higher level of personal interpersonal interaction, think of that classic awkward social situation or low energy family gathering or dinner party, and how much more fun everyone has in each other’s company around a game.

Coming out of the pandemic this should be one major positive – that people have re-connected with their family over their favourite games in a way they wouldn’t always take time to do. While the current significantly upweighted demand for board games will be likely to decline somewhat as people gradually are allowed to travel more and spend less time at home, game playing is a habitual thing, and once that habit is re-ignited it will remain for some families, and once they can get out and socialise again should spread between social groups in a much more palatable and less damaging ‘viral’ effect leading to consistent sales growth not just in the short term, but should have a positive ongoing effect medium to long term also.

While the covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown have made most of humankind focus on a different level of concern over life and needs, that needn’t be entirely negative long term. For the board games category, the upsurge in demand is good for society as a whole in two ways (at least): firstly, it protects a lot of jobs around the world, both for companies who sell only board games, but also gives some security and balance to those toy companies who have seen sales decline in other categories, and of course it supports countless jobs taking a broader view across manufacturing around the world, shipping, logistics, testing, product development and more.

On a social level, if humankind comes out of this crisis more grounded in their families, in their communication with other people and in their  ‘playing the game’ of life with a redefined sense of priority, that might in the end be a positive effect, and a silver lining coming from a tragic and damaging situation.

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