Toy Sourcing – The Next 10 Years: Why Nearly Everything We Know Is Going To Change And What To Do About It

We recently ran a Webinar for a select few of our clients looking at trends in toy sourcing and some massive changes which are ongoing, and perhaps further advanced than many toy companies have recognised.

The world of toy manufacturing is changing primarily due to the successful economic development of China. Because toy manufacturing tends to depend on labour intensive production lines, China’s economy has developed beyond the point where such work is sustainable with the same competitive advantages as China enjoyed when labour costs were significantly lower. We believe this is something China should be applauded for as they have significantly raised the standard of living of their population. This does though have major implications for the toy industry as we have become so reliant as an industry on toy manufacturing in China.

The video below is the Webinar we recorded on the topic. Please note this video was recorded by and on behalf of Kids Brand Insight, our Consultancy business: