Toy Manufacturing In Bulgaria: Klimbo Eco Toys Profile

Toy Manufacturing In Bulgaria: Klimbo Eco Toys Profile

We recently caught up with Pancho Panev, CEO and co founder of Klimbo Eco Toys Ltd, a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality wooden products:


  1. Tell us more about your company Klimbo Eco Toys Ltd?

We firmly believe that our world will be a much better place, if children are growing up free in environment, full of beauty and opportunities to create.

This is how we decided to establish a company for design and manufacturing of ecological toys with high educational value. Thus, our first product, Klimbo portable theatre was created with emotion and attention to every detail, and it is distinguished by its enhanced functionality.

  1. What makes Klimbo Portable Theatre so special and unique?

First of all this is an entirely new playing platform, not just a single toy product. Famous tale stories like Red Riding Hood might be presented and narrated accordingly to kids’ individual perception for those stories. The kids also have a chance to create and present in an artistic environment their own stories with their own characters. As we know there are no yet boundaries set for creativity and imagination, and Klimbo Portable Theatre is helping kids to unveil and develop further their potential.

Second, Klimbo Portable Theatre is unique with its lovely design and the integration of all components of a real theater, starting from dimmable LED front and top stage illumination, mechanical music box, rolling curtains, rotating stage, etc. Klimbo Portable Theatre is made also of high quality natural materials.

Last but not least, Klimbo Portable Theatre can be easily assembled/dismantled and comes with very trendy, high quality cardboard packaging box. It has also built-in 3.7v Li-Ion accumulator batteries for the LED illumination.


  1. Is this product already available on the market?

Assembling facility in Bulgaria is in full operation already, and we are working now on closing our first distribution contracts.

We’ve provided already a couple of samples to several customers, and the feedback is very positive.

But what makes us also confident in the success of the product is a consumer research conducted by reputable marketing agency in Germany, which showed us very high level of acceptance. The product was liked by 63% of the respondents, with 41% positive on buying it.

  1. And what about pricing?

The complexity and the enhanced functionality of this product puts it in the high-end segment of wooden toys. However, our strong intention is Klimbo Portable Theatre to be price competitive when compared to similar products in this segment, and we are continuously working in this direction.

  1. Finally, where we can find Klimbo Portable Theatre?

We intend to start from biggest toy markets around Europe (Germany, UK, France), and then expand further, if all goes well.

Besides with selected distributors/retailers, the product will be very soon available for direct purchase through our online store on

One of the key market segments, we intend to focus on are kindergartens around Europe, as Klimbo Portable Тheatre might be used also as educational and pedagogical tool.

Klimbo Portable Theatre will be also presented at forthcoming Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, hence I use this opportunity to invite cordially all interested participants to visit us at our booth   B35 in Hall3.


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