If you’re looking for practical hands on help and strategic advice from our team of toy expert Consultants, just drop us a line via the ‘Contact Us’ page or click here to go to our Consultancy website:


  • Toy business consultancy
  • Sourcing (India, Vietnam & China)
  • Toy Expert services
  • Toy company growth strategy and execution

We work with companies of all sizes who are looking to get on in or enter into the toy business or board game business around the world.

We have worked with $20billion FMCG companies, global market leaders in toys and board games right through to start ups with just a hope and a dream.



Our expertise is broad, but based around some strong core principles and commercial processes. To find out more please visit our Consulting website:

Toy Co Growth Booster program which helps toy companies and board game companies to plan and execute business growth. We have consulted with more than 100 companies, maybe we can help you. For more information,  please click here:

Toy business consultancy calls –  this is the entry point service for working with us. We conduct a limited number of fixed cost Consultancy calls each month. These are booked in advance, and we have to limit the number of calls we can take due to the pressures of our Consultancy project workload. During the calls we can offer our thoughts and feedback on all aspects of the toy business from how to bring a new toy to market, to manufacturing through to feedback on your toy concepts. We can also give you some additional contacts of key people across the toy business from distributors to factories to product developers. Please note these calls normally last for around 60-90 minutes, which is reflected in the costs. If you want us to review and sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we can do, but we have to charge extra to cover the time taken to review, amend and sign.

COST: Our Board Game Business Consultancy calls cost £400 GBP or $500 USD. If you need us to sign and NDA = £600 GBP or $800 USD. (subject to acceptable terms in the NDA)

Manufacturing – we help all kinds of companies source all kinds of things. Products we have sourced include plastic toys, inflatable toys, plush toys, board games manufacturing, robotic, smart toy or A.I. toy manufacturing, collectable figure toys, stationery, electronic toys, toys with flocking, dolls manufacturing, dolls hair and much more. For more information, please visit: or contact us via this website.


Finally, if you are a toy start up and you would like expert assistance, knowledge and insights on how the toy & game business works, check our our toy & game business podcast: www.PlayingAt 

How To Start A Successful Toy & Game Business: