The Timeless Appeal Of Action Oriented Toys

The Timeless Appeal Of Action Oriented Toys

There are plenty of play patterns that have lasted the test of time. One such play pattern is ACTION! Action in this context includes both action figures and toys which involve or provoke large degrees of physical activity. In recent times Nerf has grown into one of the largest and most successful action oriented toy brands, however, the play pattern of toy guns is hardly new – dating back to when past generations would play at being cowboys or soldiers to a far greater degree than is prevalent today, cap guns and other types of toy guns were very popular.

The high energy levels of children is not something that has changed particularly, nor does it seem likely to change. At the time of writing (during the COVID-19 pandemic with vaccine rollout not yet taking effect on a mass scale), parents of young children around the world have experienced first-hand the high energy levels of their children. The reason why schools have break times during the day is not just to refresh and rest young brains from becoming so tired that they can’t concentrate. The primary reason for break time is to let children run around and expend physical energy so that there is a reasonable chance of getting them to sit relatively still and concentrate on school work afterwards! The fact that breaks for physical activity are built into the fabric of educational institutions across the world should tell us everything we need to know about the underlying drivers of active physical play.

The trick to delivering successful toys into this space is to offer toy products which both inspire imaginations and facilitate ‘WOW’ and boisterousness in a compelling way. Start with that remit to your product development teams and you shouldn’t go far wrong!

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