The Only Inevitability Is Change – New York Toy Fair Moves From February To Sept/Oct 2023

The Only Inevitability Is Change – New York Toy Fair Moves From February To Sept/Oct 2023

Big news on the trade show front, with the announcement by the Toy Association of their flagship trade show in New York moving timings from the traditional and long-standing February timeslot to September-October in 2023.

Needless to say with any move of this kind, there are those who are for and those who are against, there are also winners and losers. In the end though, the start point must be that the Toy Associations role is to serve and promote their members. Therefore, they have taken the best possible decision they can based on inputs and needs of their members.

For those of us international visitors, the new timing may or may not work, but we must remember that this is the North American Toy Fair primarily, and the key focus is on the domestic markets in North America.

There is of course controversy, because several major toy companies, and an increasing number of lesser companies have been holding previews in show rooms in Los Angeles around the time when the big business done, with selections by mighty behemoths Target & Walmart coming typically soon after the new timings for the New York show.

The reality though is that those L.A. show rooms do not offer a holistic solution for the entire toy business. There is of course going to be some duplication by having previews and the new toy fair at similar times but at the furthest ends of the USA, but we are surely used to duplication in the toy business after all these years of travelling the globe presenting the same products to the same people multiple times in different time zones.

Overall, I support the move of the New York show to September-October from 2023 onwards, can’t wait to attend!


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