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Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed – Impact On The Toy Industry?

Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed – Impact On The Toy Industry?

The news that Episode VIII of the Star Wars series of movies has been delayed and release date pushed back to December 15th 2017 might have been expected to set hearts a fluttering in the toy business…

…however, Episode 7 has already rewritten the rules to an extent.

Usually toy companies hate a movie launch in December, as it’s perceived to be too late to drive high enough retail stock intake/maximal consumer sell through. But Episode 7 appears to have broken that paradigm in a way only massively anticipated super blockbuster sequels can.

So the news today that the 2017 release is slated for a similar launch timing in 2017 is far less concerning than it would be for a lesser property/movie franchise. Moreover, with 2017 set to be yet another massive year for blockbuster toyetic movies (Lego Batman movie, a Wolverine sequel, Beauty & The Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Barbie, Cars 3 etc), Star Wars Ep. 8 is likely to have a huge impact on both Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 toy sales, with the Q1 impact being perhaps the most important for an industry usually very quiet in the first few months of the year.

Rather than being a disaster, I see this delay¬†as being mostly beneficial to the toy industry, and a move that is likely to support momentum in an industry that has seen a very strong 2015, seems set to enjoy a strong 2016 and after today’s news seems likely to keep rolling until 2018 at least…

Could this be a golden age for the toy business? Quite possibly!