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2016 Nuremberg – Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Review

2016 Nuremberg – Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Review

While the show still rumbles on, my own time here for the 2016 Spielwarenmesse is coming to an end. One more morning of frantic dashing around labyrinthine halls, and of meetings with old friends, potential new friends and anywhere in between.

According to my gadget, I’ve walked 36 miles in 3 days, and physically speaking it seems like more! For those of us from the UK contingent who have ‘done’ Nuremberg back to back with the BTHA UK toy fair, there is an even greater air of fatigue and dishevelledness (if that’s even a word) than usually at the end of this great vast show in Bavaria! There have been times this week when I felt like I lived in a permanent world of trade show madness, and the thought of my own bed begins to loom large in my mind.

Such self pitying grumblings aside, both shows have been very good in terms of quality of product and innovation on display, in terms of powerful new and existing licenses and in terms of the level and breadth of people in attendance. Although it’s entirely subjective, I saw/met with everyone I would expect to and found less people ‘missing’ from the UK show than expected.

The buzz around both shows, and the general atmosphere seems overwhelmingly positive in a trade where it’s usually made quite clear if things are tough! In general (as I’ve written elsewhere we do seem to be in a golden age where unbelievably strong movie slates featuring toyetic blockbuster after toyetic blockbuster just keep rolling in wave after wave. So as the saying goes, when the sun shines make hay!

As usual the level of detailed organisation at the Spielwarenmesse has been amazing. This year I accidentally stumbled upon yet another example of this. I inadvertently found myself in the first aid bay, where no less than 5 upstanding medical professionals oversaw my highly trivial treatment (a Paracetamol for raging headache, I’m unwilling to reveal the cause of the headache but you can probably guess). Despite the medical ‘overkill’ involved, it is nevertheless very reassuring to know so much preparation and attention to detail is in evidence throughout the toy industry’s biggest showcase.

So thank you Germany, thank you Spielwarenmesse, another great year, and let’s all hope the listings and sell through resulting are as good as the show!