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New Entertainment Content Releases Set To Bolster Toy Sales

New Entertainment Content Releases Set To Bolster Toy Sales:

Next Transformers Movie On The Way & Loki Wows Critics

This week news broke about the next Transformers movie – Rise of The Beasts, a movie set in the 1990s and set at least partly in Brooklyn. The movie is currently slated for a June 24, 2022 release date. And while the Transformers movie series seemed to fade away somewhat towards the end of the last phase of releases, with 3 movies grossing more than $300m USD at the box office, this new movie is set to herald a good 2022 for Hasbro.

Hasbro as co-brand owner presumably have ‘1st dibs’ on toy rights and based on previous instalments of the Transformers franchise will be likely to roll out a broad product line across toy categories. They will also benefit significantly from their consumer products licensing program.

What Hasbro really need though above all is a commercially successful movie. They will benefit in the short term anyway even if the movie doesn’t do that well, but they could really do with breathing fresh air into the franchise so that they can roll onto a few more movies across the next 5 years.

Another entertainment content release has been making news recently. Disney+ successfully launched Loki on their platform this month to critical acclaim. But perhaps more importantly from a commercial perspective, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that the first episode of Loki was “the most watched series premiere” for the streaming service. While we couldn’t find an extensive toy line based on this new TV series out on the market, we did find some new Funko figures coming to market in August. This leads us to an interesting conclusion – whereas major movies tend to need simultaneous product launch alongside the movie event, it appears that Disney+ is rewriting the rules of licensed toys. Following the content first, merchandise second approach of The Mandalorian which saw massive success for Baby Yoda toys despite delayed availability, it seems that there is going to be an ongoing raft of post release toy launches in conjunction with Disney+.

And of course, alongside these two particular franchises, the rest of the entertainment world is hardly standing still. There is much to be excited about looking forward for the toy business.


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