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Why Indian Toy Factories Are Very Audit/Ethically Friendly…

Why Indian Toy Factories Tend To Be Manufacturing Audit/Ethical Working Friendly…


The toy industry is fast discovering India as a powerful manufacturing hub. In this first of a series of articles on Indian Toy Manufacturing we look at a practical factor which is encouraging/offers potential for much less bureaucratic hassle for companies looking to manufacture in the sub continent.

Toy manufacturers in India have numerous innate advantages, not least of which is comparatively low labor costs. Perhaps more importantly, one of the most practically important areas where toy manufacturers in India are well set to supply the global toy industry is ethical standards, employment conditions and many of the other factors that go into achieving important audit passes/certifications i.e. ICTI Seal, Walmart’s FCCA program & others.

Indian labor tends to be better protected in terms of legal and regulatory framework than many other Asian toy manufacturing countries. Workers in Chinese factories tend (nowadays) to be from further West, and therefore often need to live on site/at low cost, and when so far away from home may be more inclined/incentivised to work over time which can lead to issues with audits/working hour limitations etc. This doesn’t tend to happen in India (based on what we have discovered/been told), with most manufacturing workers being from within a reasonable distance of the manufacturing plants. Shift times and working conditions are heavily regulated, and so the kind of working practise transgression which may lead to ICTI ‘on probation’ status are less ingrained into the setup/working culture.

We spoke to the company regarded by many as the leading toy factory in India, and they told us that they are tending to exceed ICTI standards because they are legally obliged to do more by their state and national legal framework. In fact they appear to have achieved ICTI & other certifications faster than nearly any other toy factory we have spoken to!

This is one of many factors that leads us to predict exponential growth in Indian toy manufacturing in the next few years…more to come on this topic!

For more information on how to access Indian Toy Manufacturing, please visit our Toy Industry Consultancy company website: http://www.kidsbrandinsight.com/?page_id=332