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Hasbro Report Incredible Q2 2021 Results & Are Well Set Up For A Turbulent 2nd Half

Hasbro Report Incredible Q2 2021 Results & Are Well Set For A Turbulent 2nd Half

Hasbro just released their Q2 2021 results, and they are really, really good! Revenues were up by a massive 54% year on year, with Q2 revenue of a whopping $1.32 billion, with EBITDA (profits after various adjustments but before tax & some other accounting measures) more than doubled.

Hasbro also discussed on their earnings call the issues of cost inflation and stock availability in the midst of a major global shipping crisis where shipping costs have soared to as much as 5-10 times previous rates, and with a shortage of available containers. Hasbro identified that they have achieved price increases with their customers to reflect the heavy inflationary pressures they (& everyone else) are facing.

They also discussed that their stock availability looks like it will be ok towards peak season trading despite shortages of container shipments. This is not quite the picture we are seeing from many other toy companies out there who are predicting some out of stocks and lost sales this Christmas due to unreliable supply chain/logistics and difficulty financially justifying shipment costs. There is no secret that Hasbro have one of the most geographically diverse supply chains in the toy business currently. Hasbro publish their list of suppliers, and we counted 39 of them outside of China including numerous factories in India & Vietnam, as well as facilities closer to home and in other Asian countries. It seems like strategic supply chain diversification may well be working for Hasbro in the most turbulent year for logistics in living memory.


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