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Not Bored Of Board Games


For those who have been around long enough to observe the board games category over time, one of the most frequent topics for mainstream coverage of board games is that board games are ‘making a comeback’.

Of course the truth is that board games never went away! Consumer culture in traditional board games markets has not changed so fundamentally that key board game playing occasions ever disappeared e.g. kids playing with other kids, kids playing with parents & adults playing with other adults. For sure we have seen the development of vastly more media/home entertainment options, as well as massive growth in screen time on personal devices. But the fundamental drivers of board games have never gone away.

In fact, you could easily argue that the board games category has not ever been as healthy as it is today, in the sense that there is a certain kudos to board game playing among some groups of young adults, and the type and breadth of games available to market with comparatively recent fragmentation of retail & marketing is broader than ever before.

In the latest edition of our Playing At Business podcast we take a look at the timeless board games category in greater depth, look at key trends and the future for the games category. To listen:


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