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Bloomberg’s Article On How Disney Princess Toy Rights Won By Hasbro…

Bloomberg’s Article On How Disney Princess Toy Rights Won By Hasbro…

Industry insiders are often underwhelmed when business media look to convey what actually happens in the toy business. ‘Rolls eyes’ is often the reaction of those in the know behind the scenes.

However, every so often someone really cracks it and writes an in depth analysis piece featuring meaningful interviews with the players involved and with analysis/insight which unveils what actually happened.

One such article doing the rounds right now is Bloomberg’s article on how Disney decided to award lucrative rights to Disney Princess fashion dolls to Hasbro at the expense of previous incumbent Mattel.

In case you haven’t read the article, you can read it here:


One of the most compelling features of this article is the candid nature of the interview feedback from many of the key players in what was one of the biggest coups of recent times in the licensed toy business. Key Hasbro people are very candid about what happened, how they went about impressing Disney and how they plan to take the franchise forward. Key Mattel people interviewed are also surprisingly candid in a world of smart/often meaningless PR soundbites, Mattel communicate in this article exactly why they think they lost the rights.

Well done Bloomberg!