Reinventing Construction Toys With Toyi

Reinventing Construction Toys With Toyi

Our company works with a lot of up-and-coming toy & game companies. We are often asked to look at new entrants into the Construction toy market, which in some ways is the hardest toy category of all to enter because of the massive strength of the dominant player in that space (no points for guessing which Danish toy giant that is!).

Some new entrants have a different Construction system, and over time we have seen companies enjoy some success with this approach. Recently though we were asked to take a look at an up-and-coming Construction toy company who are trying to reinvent the way Construction Toys are player with by children. Whereas traditionally it is the building process itself combined with the ‘trophy’ value which defines Construction toys, with Toyi the construction is only part of the play experience.

Toyi’s ground-breaking products look to offer a more open-ended play pattern to children, without structured instructions to follow. Children build the toy, and then they play with the toy. The object of the toy is whatever the child wants. Some of the components act to create a character or to personify inanimate objects. The premise of Toyi is to turn everyday objects into toys – whether that is plastic bottles, drinks cans or other everyday objects. And by adding TOYI components to these objects the child can effectively create their own toys on an ongoing and open-ended basis. Therefore, the play value for children is massive, and in some ways never ending.

One of the other fundamental features of Toyi is sustainability as a key message. Aside from facilitating children learning about ‘upcycling’ by re-using objects which would otherwise have been thrown away, Toyi also has a number of Green initiatives – the product is made from recycled plastic and materials, and most components are recyclable.

There is (of course) also a commercial side to Toyi’s journey. Toyi started as a University project by co-Founder Elif Atmaca, but soon found commercial backing first via a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised $24,000: The company also raised funds from venture capital to finance the company’s ongoing growth, with distribution into 13 markets already, the company is currently working to find distributors for Germany, Nordic, Korea, Japan and some other markets.

Co-Founder Ögeday Uçurum told us that:

Toyi‘s successful start has given us renewed confidence in our growth plans. We are now in the process of stepping up to the next level with our business, and we would love to hear from distributors around the world who share our values and want to join us for the next stage of Toyi’s exciting journey.”


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