Q2 2020 Results Are In – Here’s Our Analysis

Q2 2020 Results Are In – Here’s Our Analysis

Hasbro, Mattel & Jakks Pacific have all reported Q2 2020 results in the past week. The picture from all 3 of these major toy companies is clear – revenues are down for Q2 year on year. We reported last week that sales in the US toy market were actually up for the quarter overall, so how can this be if 3 of the bigger U.S. headquartered toy companies had a tough quarter?

The answer to this question is product mix. The two categories which have understandably had a really tough time this year are action figures (due to disruption in terms of movie releases) and plush (which is often a purchased driven by a child picking up and cuddling a toy, and aside from stores being closed, where stores were open parents may not have wanted the child to pick up a toy which has been touched by other people already in light of the current pandemic situation).

The categories which have performed well have been those parentally driven categories which parents will tend to ‘deploy’ to entertain locked down kids i.e. board games, arts & crafts and other ‘worthy’ categories. This makes Hasbro’s downturn all the more impactful as they in particular have a large market share in some of these categories including obviously games & puzzles as well as compounds/creative play with Play-Doh and other product lines. Hasbro & Mattel both have strategies based on entertainment franchises and content, which is going to be tougher to execute for sales growth in the short term, although it may well be reimagined in terms of home entertainment as the primary launch platform, at least for the short term.

So, what are the implications of a tough quarter for Hasbro, Mattel & Jakks? For all three it can be expected that they will seek to enhance their offerings in categories which have done well so far in 2020 – those categories named above, plus more outdoor play perhaps. The industry in general is likely to have an abundance of offerings for 2021 in those categories which have performed well this year.

The challenges aren’t over for the toy business, but in terms of quarterly results we should start to see from the next quarterly results onwards the effectiveness of each companies’ reaction and counter measures to the pandemic.


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