Incredibles 2 And Jurassic World Smash It At The Box Office!


2018 has been an interesting year at the box office! This year has already seen the unexpectedly huge performance of Black Panther (worldwide box office over $1.3billion at time of writing) in the unfashionable slot of February and the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story (worldwide box office c. $350m at time of writing). The Black Panther’s unexpected success has obviously helped toy sales, whereas the disappointing performance of Solo is most likely to underwhelm in terms of toy sales stimulus.

So the collective nerves of both the movie and toy industries’ have been jangling with the next instalments of 2 highly toyetic movie franchises. The 2018 iteration of Jurassic World, and the 2nd Incredibles movies are next up. At the time of writing Incredibles 2 has not launched in most international markets, but Jurassic World has…and the box office verdict is highly encouraging, both movies have absolutely smashed it at the box office so far!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has so far only launched internationally, in fact the USA launch is today (22nd June 2018). So it’s too early to say how the US will go, but we already know that the international box office has been resoundingly positive, with over $450m takings so far outside the USA. It looks likely to hit $1billion, the landmark of a real smash hit movie! While time will tell whether the USA performs, this is already hugely encouraging for the global toy industry. Aside from the significant product lines from Mattel and Lego, and the raft of smaller licensees, it is a well known fact that in a Jurassic movie year the toy industry’s penchant for generic dinosaur toys is significantly ramped up, and many of those not having licensed from the movie will benefit from generic toy dinosaur sales also going up!

Incredibles 2 has performed well at the US box office – having hit $250m in quick time! At the time of writing it has hit the $250m landmark in top 10 timelines. The international roll out is still ongoing, so it is probably too early to call the international performance so far, but Pixar movies are typically successful round the world. In fact, Pixar has a ludicrously good track record of box office performance, due to the capacity/focus of the studio, they don;t tend to bash out sequels as quickly as the current vogue for ongoing and seemingly constant sequels! Maybe the co-relation between their ongoing success and greater time between sequels is something to learn from for those studios/franchises which have suffered disappointing box office results recently.

So anyway, here’s the bottom line – despite the challenges of an audience which is increasingly staring at handheld screens and viewing informal content as much as the traditional programming formats/formulae, despite the Toys R Us situation and despite a box office which seems to be rejecting excessive sequels launching in too short a time, movies still remain a masive driver of total toy sales and thus remain a major opportunity despite these highly disruptive times in which we live!

by Steve Reece, CEO of Kids Brand Insight,  a leading toy expert consultancy to toy companies around the world. Services include Sourcing/factory finding especially in India & other ‘new’ manufacturing economies, toy business consultancy and product representation.