How To Start A Global Toy Craze With Choon Ng of Rainbow Loom

How To Start A Global Toy Craze With Choon Ng of Rainbow Loom

In the latest episode of our Playing At Business podcast – – we talk to Choon Ng, the creator of Rainbow Loom. Very few people get to say they started a global toy craze, but that’s exactly what Choon did when his Rainbow Loom products took the world by storm and kickstarted the ‘Loom Band’ craze.

In the interview, Choon talks us through his amazing roller coaster journey as he took the company from one product start up to a massive global success in a short time. We discuss how he handled the business as it grew meteorically and how he managed distributors around the world, as well as a host of knock of ‘me too’ products which soon came onto the market.

We also talk through how Rainbow Loom is still providing a compelling play experience for children around the world.

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