A Thanksgiving & Black Friday Like No Other

A Thanksgiving & Black Friday Like No Other

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we’re heading towards the end of what is easily the worst year humankind has faced this millennium and arguably since the end of World War 2. Vaccines are on the horizon and offer a sense of light at the end of the tunnel, although we are probably somewhere between 3 to 6 months away from the end of this pandemic which has ravaged the major economies of the world.

This week as America seems to finally have an agreed President elect we head into a Thanksgiving and Black Friday like no other. Firstly, most people will have plenty to be thankful for, despite the difficult circumstances – the majority of humankind can be grateful family, friends, health and more. The pandemic has shown so many people how much of a gift our normal life is in the developed economies of the world. From the perspective of the toy business we should also be grateful that the demand for toys has been strong throughout this crazy year. So many industries have been decimated by lockdowns, by reduced footfall and by mandatory business closures.

While there is a backdrop of economic hardship for many people due to the negative financial impact of the pandemic, there is the likelihood that parents will go out of their way to make this a good festive season for their children. This prevailing sentiment is likely to ensure at least a relatively good trading season for the toy business. The desire to have a golden family moment in a year full of bad experiences should bring us a Black Friday as big as ever.

There can be no doubt of the massive challenges out there for so many people and for so many businesses right now, but here’s to the longevity of the toy business and to a moment to reflect on a year like no other – because if our industry can thrive in such a difficult year we can surely expect to thrive forever.


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