5 Key Reasons Why Parents Buy Toys

5 Key Reasons Why Parents Buy Toys

When you think about it, this could be the most important question in the toy business. Not being able to answer that question suggests a lack of understanding of the purpose of your business and products. The answers to this question are not necessarily deeply engrained enough in the processes and mindset of most toy companies. The smaller a toy company is, the more they tend to operate at the whim of their key buyers due to a lack of leverage and strength in the relationship. The challenge though is that if you just jump as and when the buyer instructs, you can miss the fundamental question of how or why you are going to get the product sold off their shelf/sold on their e-commerce site. A product which ships into retail but doesn’t ship out does nobody any favours.

Therefore, the question of why parents buy toys should be asked and thoroughly understood for every single product. There are very few secrets in today’s world – there is so much information out there and so many communication and interaction platforms that understanding consumer purchase motivations has never been easier.

Here are some of the more obvious reasons for parents buying toys:

  1. To aid the education/development of their child
  2. To keep their child (constructively) busy for a while so they can get some peace/rest
  3. To feel like they are good parents doing a good job with the upbringing of their children
  4. Because the child pesters them into buying a toy, even if they don’t really want to
  5. To facilitate a social experience

There are of course many other potential reasons for parents to buy toys, but these 5 factors are some of the most important. Each of these is quite different in terms of the mindset and purpose of the purchaser and the intended recipient, which in turn should lead to different marketing hooks, different consumer for advertising/communications and for product characteristics.

So, for your latest new products are you clear why parents would buy them?


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