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Why Toy Design is Special and What You Can Learn From It. Traditional toy design covers a broad spectrum from infant and baby products, low price collectables, detailed action figures and dolls, construction systems, board & card games, electronic gadgets, outdoor sports – the list goes on and on and on… From a purely design for manufacture […]

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01 May 2015 ~ Comments Off on Looking for Ace ideas?…they may be just a shuffle away

Looking for Ace ideas?…they may be just a shuffle away

Here is a fun fact for you. Take regular pack of 52 playing cards and give them a good Shuffle. You have just created something unique, something no one else has created! Why? because there are more permutations of cards in a 52 card deck than seconds since the big bang! (basically a very big number) […]

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19 March 2015 ~ Comments Off on Where Is The Innovation In Toys?

Where Is The Innovation In Toys?

I recently posted on ‘What the Toy business can teach you about innovation’. What is interesting after coming back from the International Toy-fair in Nuremberg, were comments I heard that there wasn’t much innovation on show… Now we all have our own perspectives and even in the toy business tend to look to the areas […]

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