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25 January 2019 ~ 0 Comments

2019 UK Toy Fair Review – The Times They Are A Changing

2019 UK TOY FAIR REVIEW – THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING As the sun finally set (at last!) on a tough 2018, the UK toy trade gathered at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London this week for the BTHA UK toy fair. In my opinion, this is one of the best organised trade shows of all the […]

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18 January 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Toy Industry 2019 – Reasons To Be Cheerful

Having arrived back this week from Hong Kong toy fair, it is clear that the global toy business is still managing the aftermath of the failure of Toys R Us in the USA & some other markets. While many of us are natural optimists, the mood in general was one of digging in and riding […]

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15 January 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Toy Industry Veterans Launch New Marketing Content Production Service For Toy Companies

Matt Knott and Steve Reece announced today that they have launched a new strategic partnership offering content production services for toy companies. With the growth of YouTube as a marketing platform, the pair plan to utilise their extensive experience of toy industry marketing and content production to the benefit of clients. Matt Knott said “Steve […]

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14 December 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Company Profile: Chalk & Chuckles

In the past few years, educationally focused toys have been quite prominent in the world of toys – which can only be a good thing!  We seem though to have begun to emphasize STEM (i.e. science, technology, engineering & math/s) as the prevailing definition of educational/developmental toys. There are however many other ways in which […]

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14 December 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Company Profile: Muñecas Guca

One of our favourite things to do in the toy business is to visit a factory making really beautiful toys, and to see those toys in various stages of build/creation. A recent visit to the Muñecas Guca (Muñecas is Spanish for dolls!) factory near to Alicante, Spain was one of those delightful experiences seeing hand […]

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06 December 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Toy Export Sales – The Formula For Progress

TOY EXPORT SALES – THE FORMULA FOR PROGRESS If you analyse the global toy industry, once you get past the top few toy companies, who tend to have subsidiaries in any market/region worth the effort, you find an industry whereby the vast majority toy sales are made on a domestic/export split. In other words, toy […]

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23 November 2018 ~ 0 Comments

The Toy Industry Goes Acquisition Crazy – But Why?

THE TOY INDUSTRY GOES ACQUISITION CRAZY – BUT WHY? The last few weeks have seen a flurry of acquisition activity in the global toy industry. In fact, while there have been many individual company sales of comparable or larger companies, I can’t remember so many in such a short space of time! The question is […]

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09 November 2018 ~ 0 Comments


WHY COLLECTABLE TOYS ARE NOW DRIVING THE TOY INDUSTRY Collectable (sometimes called ‘pocket money’) toys have been around for a long time. There are certain timeless fundamental factors for collectable toys including real tactile appeal/compulsion, cues for collecting e.g. wide character matrix and portability to allow children to carry the toys around and play with […]

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31 October 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Kids Brand Insight Launch New Brand & Product Management Service For Toy & Game Companies

KIDS BRAND INSIGHT LAUNCH NEW BRAND & PRODUCT MANAGEMENT SERVICE FOR TOY & GAME COMPANIES Kids Brand Insight, a leading toy & game industry consultancy have announced the launch of a new support service to the global toy industry. Under the service, Kids Brand Insight will offer hands on ongoing and ad hoc project based […]

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03 October 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Will Toys R Us Rise Like A Phoenix From The Flames?

WILL TOYS R US RISE LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE FLAMES? The easy answer to this is yes, of course it will – it is clearly an inevitability (and always has been) that the Toys R Us IP including Geoffrey and the Toys R Us/Babies R Us names will be used (in some shape or […]

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